Brittle bones:Building bones

The disproportionate focus on calcium as the most important bone builder means that many women and men at risk from osteoporosis miss out on other equally important nutrients.

Studies show that calcium is rarely effective on it’s own so make sure you are getting enough of other bone-building cofactors such as:

* Magnesium, necessary to balance your calcium intake

* Boron, which reduces the urinary loss of both calcium and magnesium

* Vitamin D, which increases calcium absorption. Blood levels are directly related to the strength of your bones

* Vitamin K, which is not just important for blood-clotting, but also plays a major role
in bone formation

* Silicon, required in trace amounts for normal bone formation

* Zinc, which is often low in people with osteoporosis

* Manganese, which may also be low in those with osteoporosis

* Copper, also necessary for proper bone synthesis.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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