Dr Hulda Clarke’s prescription for dealing with parasites includes “zapping” bugs with a homemade electronic gadget. All living things emit unique electronic frequencies. Through her study, she identified the frequencies of a wide range of parasites and found that by charging the human body with that frequency, she could kill the parasites in much the same way that electronic equipment oscillating within human frequencies can damage us.

Practitioners of a relatively new therapy called bio-resonance have over the years refined Dr Clarke’s model, and have found good results with using electricity to rid the body of parasites. Although relatively new to the UK, bio-resonance is well known in other European countries, especially Germany. In the UK, Reinhold Will, author of Bio-resonance Therapy (Wiesbaden, Germany: Jopp-Verlag, 1998), is one of the most well known practitioners. He says that, because diagnosis with the BICOM device looks for disturbances in the oscillation of the whole body, using this method enables him to find parasites in parts of the body where they cannot be diagnosed with conventional methods for example, in the liver, kidney or gall bladder.Mr Will’s experience confirms that of other practitioners, namely that the presence of parasites is usually accompanied by some other debilitating condition. He cites the example of a young patient who had chronic bronchitis. Investigation with the BIOCOM device showed that the young man had not only a cow’s milk allergy but also Ascaris lumbricoides in the lungs. It took eight sessions to rid the body of the parasite. Mr Will also believes that fungi and parasites are closely related and that the practitioner must first treat the condition which has allowed the parasite to take hold (such as poor immune function or overgrowth of fungi). Only then should therapy be used to rid the body of the parasite.

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