Dr Warner uses a vitamin formula, which has been formulated based upon the findings of Dr Turkel and such notable nutritional biochemists as Jeff Bland. It contains vitamin C, l-glutamine (to help with growth), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium, plus Co-enzyme Q10, another antioxidant. There are also pancreatic and other digestive enzymes, other major vitamins and essential fatty acids.

WDDTY recommends that the best approach is to have your child analyzed for his nutritional needs, as these are always highly individual.Have a complete nutritional work up done, including digestive enzymes levels, stomach acid, essential fatty acids and allergies. Work with an experienced nutritional therapist.

Have a thyroid test using the basel temperature method, in conjunction with laboratory tests (see WDDTY vol 7 no 7).

Breastfeed your child for as long as possible, then introduce a fresh wholefood diet.

Suspect gluten intolerence. One doctor has found that almost all his Down’s syndrome patients are coeliacs (Townsend’s, April 1988).

Make sure that folic acid is regulated carefully, because it is defectively metabolized by Down’s children. In one study, 10 per cent of children exhibited excessive hyperactivity and irritability when given 20 mg of folic acid (which is 50 times the adult RDA) (Down’s Syndrome Parent Conference, San Diego, 1995). Smart Drugs News says that one multivitamin with 3 mg of folic acid still resulted in a substantial number of children with hyperactivity and extreme irritability. Dr Warner only recommends at most 400 mcg folic acid per day.

Have your child avoid cow’s milk, which contains vitamin D2 and lactose. Dr Warner find that almost all individuals with Down’s syndrome are lactose intolerant and have excessive mucus build up with dairy products.

Avoid medications such as sulfa drugs and prednisolone, which suppress the thryoid gland, unless absolutely necessary. Some drugs would include Septrin, Bactrim and steroid drugs for children.

Avoid the algae spirulina and the herb Ginkgo biloba, which have large amounts of SOD.

Avoid fluoridated water and thyocyanide in cigarette and barbeque smoke, both of which reduce the activity of the thyroid (see WDDTY vol 7 no 7 for suggestions on thyroid stimulation).

Work with an experienced behavioural optometrist, who can train your child to overcome some of his eye problems with exercises.

Find a good physiotherapist familiar with strengthening the hypotonic child.

Cranial osteopathy has been reported to help with Down’s syndrome. In one case, an 18 month old Down’s baby who couldn’t see, hear or talk developed improved hearing and sight after cranial osteopathy.

He also learned to talk and walk, and his bladder, bowels and respiratory functions improved (Townsend Letter fo Doctors, December 1991).

For more information about Dr Warner, his programme and supplement formula, contact The Warner House, 1023 East Chapman Avenue, Fullerton, California 92631 (Tel: (714) 441-2600; fax: (714) 441-2522).

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