EXERCISE:: Astonishing discovery is made

Medical trials are extremely expensive things to set up, which is why it’s the drug companies who ‘sponsor’ most research, and then naturally expect to see a positive result. Fair enough, we say, after all, if you pay a mechanic, you expect your car to be fixed, don’t you?
So when researchers get the rare chance to do some research that isn’t setting out to prove just how wonderful drug X really is, it would be great if they researched something that added to our knowledge.
So we’re delighted to see a new study has just come out that reveals that children who aren’t physically active are more likely to become obese. This unexpected finding took 10 years of study, and involved many hundreds of young children across America.
The Lancet, the medical journal, was so impressed by the discovery that it has ‘fast-tracked’ the study for immediate dispatch so that it avoids the usual log-jam of peer reviews and the like.
After all, who would have thought.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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