For ‘processed’, read ‘adulterated’

I was fascinated to read the ‘Health resolutions’ put together by William Wolcott and Paul Chek (WDDTY no 15 no 10).

One of the top six health resolutions suggests. Never eat processed foods. What do you identify as ‘processed’? Isn’t butter, our water, bread, milk and cheese – along with the rest of our ‘normal’ foods-processed? The only unprocessed food I can think of is fruit directly from the tree or soil. We cook our vegetables (process them). In short, whatever we put into our body these days has been processed.

If it’s all so unhealthy, why do people get so much older than a hundred years ago? The world population is much healthier on average than decades ago, and has grown so alarmingly that science has to come up with more ‘processing’, like GM food, to feed the masses.

I would like to suggest eliminating the word ‘processed’ and replacing it with ‘adulterated’, or some other better description. – Brigitte French, Brecon

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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