Holistic dentistry:Quantum medicine at the dentist

* Seven-year-old Amy had overcrowded teeth, which David Hefferon fixed by expanding her jaw, using a ‘functional appliance’ followed by wire braces. Hefferon also noticed a small scar on the girl’s head. This, he felt, might interfere with the treatment because scars can affect the energetic systems of the body. This insight comes from a relatively new medical theory called ‘quantum medicine’, which maintains that disease causes disturbances in the communications network between body cells. According to this idea, scars contain cellular memories of injury that may continue to cause cell-communication disturbances years after the original damage. So, to make sure Amy was in tip-top health before the jaw-expansion treatment, Hefferon applied a homoeopathic healing cream called Traumeel (available at various sites online, e.g. http://www.crying-babies.com/products/traumeel.html) to the scar which, he says, will help it disappear.

* A 60-year-old woman suddenly developed severe loss of memory, which she said had started after a dentist had fitted a new bridge in her teeth. She underwent a MELISA blood test, which showed that she was sensitive to nickel, palladium, mercury and zirconium. Hefferon removed her bridge and sent it off to be metallurgically analysed. When the results came back, it was found to contain the very metals she was sensitive too

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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