READERS’ CORNER:Breast cancer and apricot kernels

: Then there was the woman who’d read good things about apricot kernels as a therapy for breast cancer. Plenty of you have heard encouraging things about the kernels, whose active ingredient is B17. According to one reader, B17 is cyanide, which remains harmless until it’s in contact with cancer cells. Her friend was given one year to live, and has successfully treated herself with B17, flax seed oil, pangamic acid and 10 grams of vitamin C. Another reader has been eating apricot kernels for a long time, and says she has not yet succumbed to cyanide poisoning. She says that the Hunzas eat apricots every day, and cancer is not in their vocabulary. Several recommend reading Phillip Day’s book Cancer: Why we’re still Dying to Know the Truth.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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