READERS’ CORNER:Childhood convulsions

Lots of advice for the reader who wanted help in understanding the origins and treatment of her child’s convulsions. There could be many causes, say our readers, from vaccinations, food reaction or even worms. One reader says they are invariably caused by a high temperature when the body is fighting off an infection. Also check for nutritional deficiencies, and especially a lack of zinc and magnesium. Another possibility is pyroluria, and a urine test can tell you if this is the problem. To treat convulsions, try a lukewarm whole body wash. If the convulsions are caused by a food intolerance, try an elimination diet and then reintroduce a new food every four days. One woman eliminated her son’s convulsions after a visit to a homeopath who recommended giving him belladonna in 200ml of water in the morning and evening. Immediately after treatment the boy was inconsolable – although this was what the homeopath hoped would happen – and the treatment was completed several days later with hyascymus, since when the child has never had another convulsion.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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