Reader’s Corner:CFS:

A few have followed up on the vast e-mail bag last time on a link between an underactive thyroid and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

One gentleman says that an underactive thyroid can be caused by fluoride in our water system, which, in turn, displaces iodine. Anyone with a hypothyroid condition should clear their body of cumulative fluoride and ensure they are not exposed to any further fluoride poisoning.

One woman who was treated with electroacupuncture for her ME was told it was most likely caused by a viral infection. She herself had 15 different infections and toxins at the time. Liver and kidney infections can cause fatigue, she was told. She’s been well for five years, working full-time and indulging in energetic exercise.

Finally, a woman whose comments we reported last time points out that we missed the most important part of her letter. While we mentioned that a homoeopath and a Bach practitioner did help, she was especially grateful to a healer in Bournemouth who ‘put her right’. We, in our turn, are happy to put that right, too.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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