Reader’s Corner:Chronic back pain:

One woman asked for help for her 48-year-old husband who suffers chronic lower-back pain and sciatica, which has been exacerbated by scar tissue. Again, you haven’t disappointed.

Try acupuncture, suggest several of you, or massage the scar tissue with cold-pressed castor oil for a few months. One fellow sufferer found his own solution: discs do not degrade with age provided you drink around 8 oz of water six times a day, but the root problem is spinal curvature, which can be corrected by a structural integrationist (see: for a practitioner).

The problem could be in the bowels, so try a no-yeast diet, investigate food sensitivities, and try a coffee enema.

One woman found relief from Pilates, which helped her strengthen the tranverse abdominal muscles. A massage therapist tells us that scar tissue can be broken down by a massage therapist. Or try a chiropractor, said another.

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