Reader’s Corner:Dizziness:

Many of you have come to the aid of the woman who was puzzled by her dizzy spells whenever she suddenly stood up.

One suggested she should seek out a chiropractor who practices sacral occipital technique (SOT), which does not involve any cracking or crunching, but does require you to drink a great deal of water beforehand to lubricate the vertebra. Quite a few of you also suggested seeing a chiropractor.

One reader suggests a gentle qi gong exercise programme, while another also advocates some exercise as this will help reduce the build-up of salts in the inner ear, which may be the cause.

Eat a banana every day is the interesting remedy suggested by one reader.

One reader recommends the Alexander technique, as this will teach anyone to lengthen the spine, so creating space between the vertebrae in her neck.

The dizziness could be caused by a lack of calcium, one woman suggests. She treated her own dizziness with liquid calcium and vitamin D, and her problem disappeared in a week.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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