TMJ Relaxation Exercise

Get into a comfortable sitting position. Gently take your face and jaws into your hands. Position your hands on both sides of your face with your finger tips resting over your jaw joints. Still holding your face and jaws with your lips together and your teeth apart; take a deep breath and as you inhale, say to yourself, MY JAWS, and as you slowly exhale, say to yourself, ARE RELAXED. As you breathe in, MY JAWS, as you breathe out ARE RELAXED.

Repeat this breathing with the words until you feel RELAXED. As you are doing this exercise, picture your face completely RELAXED and send loving energy to this part of your Body Temple through your hands and your thoughts. Do this exercise for several minutes throughout the day or whenever you feel tense or nervous or are experiencing any emotional stress.

This exercise is a wonderful gift of love to yourself.

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Written by Jacob Trager DDS

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