Reader’s Corner:Fungal toe infection:

One reader developed a fungal toe infection after contracting athlete’s foot, and wondered if you had any ideas of help.

One simple solution, suggested by several readers, was Vicks VapoRub, while another mentioned Citricidal by Higher Nature. It’s made from grapefruit seed, and one drop on the nail twice a day for several weeks should do the trick.

It could be a symptom of Candida, so it’s worth getting it checked out. Calendula ointment was another suggestion, while another thinks it should grow out by itself provided you keep socks and shoes treated with fungal powder.

One reader treated his fungal infection successfully with glyconutrients, although it took five months before it had any effect. Tea tree oil was mentioned by several readers, or you could also try lemon essential oil, or castor oil, which should be applied topically. Cider vinegar may also help. Best of all, go on holiday to somewhere warm and put your feet in the salty ocean water.

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