Reader’s Corner:Frozen shoulder:

The woman who wanted help for frozen shoulder has also had a postbag (or its e-mail equivalent) of suggestions.

Try Cell Salt Ferr Phos, suggests one reader, while another was cured by a ballet physiotherapist and an exercise teacher. One reader says frozen shoulder can be referred pain from problems with the gallbladder or lungs, or even an indication of low thyroid activity.

One osteopath says any trained osteopath or chiropractor can treat it successfully. Interestingly, he says, frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is often mistaken by doctors for arthritis or trapped nerves. Several Bowen practitioners recommend their own therapy, as does a practitioner of the Alexander technique. We’re sure all can be helpful.

One reader takes a more holistic line, and says that a friend’s frozen shoulder was a symptom of her procrastinations. Once she decided to get on with the job she’d been putting off, the shoulder freed itself within 48 hours.

One reader had great success with a product called Knox gelatin, which she took in a half cup of water every day. After taking it for six weeks, she realized she could rotate and lift her arm normally.

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