Reader’s Corner:Fibromyalgia:

A few of you have rushed to the aid of the woman who wanted to know how to treat her fibromyalgia. We made our suggestions, and now here are yours.

A kinesiologist writes in, telling us that fibromyalgia is linked to adrenal stress, which can be discovered by using kinesiology. Having established that, she then balances the adrenal glands, and the aching joints clear up, she says.

We’ve also had several missives from people who extol the virtues of the Virtual Scanner. It sounds like a cure-all, being able to treat prostate cancer and fibromyalgia, to name but two. Its proponents describe it as a brain/neural scanner that can reprogramme the brain. We need to investigate before we say more.

Finally, one therapist recommends the use of ‘a new energy tool, a magnetic field supplementation device’ that he operates. Again, more research is needed before we say another word.

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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