Reader’s Corner:Fibroids:

One reader last time told us that she had been advised to have a hysterectomy because she has a large fibroid, which is embedded in her uterus. Not surprisingly, she wondered if she had other options – and now, thanks to you all, of course she does.

In response, one woman relates her own extraordinary story of the time that she discharged herself from hospital rather than have an emergency hysterectomy because of fibroids and ovarian cysts. Instead she treated herself with a radical change of diet. No more chemical fats, such as hydrogenated found in biscuits, chips and the like, and no more sugar. Instead she had extra virgin olive oil, flax and fish oils, and real butter. For a while she also went on a macrobiotic diet. Today, 25 years later, she remains sexy, young and attractive. Good for her!

Fibroids disappear after menopause any way, another reader says, but in the meantime, treat with a wholefood diet, with plenty of cleansing raw fruits and vegetables, and no added sugar. Most of all, omit all meat and dairy as these can encourage fibroid growth.

Another reader says that coffee can also encourage fibroids. Look at the cause first, advises one reader, and this can include the Pill, diet and especially refined sugars, or a psychoemotional problem, including the relationship with our mothers. Another says that the fibroid is the body’s way of storing waste. If the uterus is full, it’s rather like throwing away the dustbin because it needs emptying. Detox instead, is the advice.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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