Reader’s Corner:Eye herpes:

A nasty infection, this, but how can it be treated, asked a reader last week? Try treating it with colloidal silver, suggests one reader. Put some in a dropper and then apply to the infected eye two to three times a day. Alternatively try a product called Ambrotose, and bathe the eye using an eye cup after mixing with contact lens saline solution. Cool the area with ice at the first sign of an eruption. The cold inhibits the virus spreading. One woman treated similar infections when she was in Zambia by using very dilute rose oil – one drop in four litres of boiled water – although a better remedy would be to use rose water or hydrolat at a dilution of 10ml per 50ml of distilled water. Another option is L-lysine and vitamin C. Six 1000mg tablets of L-lysine can be taken daily, along with three 1000mg vitamin C, also taken daily. The immune system can be improved by taking Echinacea or olive leaf. Avoid foods rich in arginine, such as chocolate, nuts and eggs.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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