Reader’s Corner:Glaucoma:

Some advice for the woman who wonders how to prevent glaucoma.

Best of the bunch comes from one gentleman who recommends smoking marijuana! One of the immediate effects is the lowering of intraocular pressure, he tells us. Our correspondent happens to be a congressional candidate in Texas, so those cowboys could be in for a great four years if this guy gets in.

More conventional suggestions include bilberry tablets. One 1000 mg tablet a day should do the trick. Another correspondent suggests something similar with a bilberry, Gingko, eyebright supplement plus manuka honey.

One Ayurvedic practitioner in Bangalore suggests the Triphala combination, and it also corrects digestion, cures haemorrhoids and lowers cholesterol, he tells us. It probably also takes the dog for a walk.

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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