Reader’s Corner:Itchy vulva:

Plenty of help for the woman last time who suffers from an itchy vulva, which she says wasn’t thrush. In the first place, says one reader, avoid bubble baths and any products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate or propylene glycol. Try a product called Bio-Fem Actigel, a natural gel made of plant extract that provides ‘instant relief to vaginal discomforts’, says the supplier. One reader has actually tried it, but is not so sure about the ‘instant’ bit. She’s used it for five days and is yet to see an improvement.

Another reader who had a similar problem started taking a homeopathic remedy after visiting a practitioner, and the itch went away, never to return.

Vitamin C will do the trick, advises another reader, and make sure your clothes are washed in baby detergent, and rinsed in pure water. Don’t use tampons or pads that have been made with bleached paper. And rinse the vulva with pure water, and either use Calendula cream or make Calendula tea and rinse with that.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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