Reader’s Corner:Itchy scalp:

The other itchy issue last time has also had you scratching around for a reply. Last week a woman told us that her head was full of scabs, and didn’t know what to do. You, on the other hand, do know.

B complex is the answer, says one reader, as recommended in the early 1960s by American nutritionist Adelle Davis. A lack of B6 causes peeling, and the deficiency can be brought on by a diet rich in sugar and honey. Sesame oil is another option, and should be rubbed into the scalp. One woman had a similar problem until she read an article in What Doctors Don’t Tell You and started using natural hair products. Neem is another possibility, available from the Village Pharmacy, or try Mercy cream. Diet and detox are vital. Oils, margarine, shortening and sugar should be removed from the diet, but you may also need to detox. You could also try Sebulex shampoo. And get rid of any negativity in your life, says one reader, which in her case was her now ex-husband!

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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