Reader’s Corner:Mobile phone itch:

Plenty of suggestions for the reader whose skin around her ear has taken on an eczema-type rash since she started using a mobile phone.

Tea tree oil is one suggestion, or rub some vitamin E around the ear, while another suggests a homeopathic remedy called Mobile Phone (seems logical) from Helios Pharmacy in London. Another idea is to use a Bioguard and Biophone to prevent direct contact with the phone, while another suggests 30C Electricitas or Psorinum. One reader rectified her rash by wearing an Ozaliet medallion (made of sea salt) on the thymus gland, which is available from Holland. One reader suggests a small ‘button’ called Ecoflow, which is attached to the phone and which reduces radiation levels. The company is based in Cornwall. Even a standard headset would help, several readers suggest, and one reader recommends the ‘air-com’ system.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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