Readers’ corner:Preventing hives

* If a hives condition is present, there could be an allergen causing it. Get treated at once, says one kinesiologist, but look beyond ordinary foods and consider that you may have an intolerance to garden plants, herbs and other seemingly benign items (as well as environmental toxins). In the meantime, take large doses of antioxidants, as the inflammation caused by the hives releases free radicals.

Provided you aren’t allergic to them, herbs like stinging nettles can help, and also quercetin (found in apples and onions). Bee products (pollen, propolis, royal jelly) might be another answer – they seemed to work for Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, who is now a champion of alternative health. Homoeopathic remedies that use a small portion of the offending allergen would be a good way to overcome the allergy or hives, and rash-healing soaps made with oatmeal or Calendula should also soothe the condition. One practitioner suggested Bowen therapy and Australian Bush Flower essences, as she’s had experience treating an advanced case of hives with these.

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