Reader’s Corner:Retroactive prayer:

A few of you responded to last week’s ‘Far Side’ piece about prayer affecting the outcome of patients up to 10 years after the event.

Reiki exponents already know how to send healing over distance and time, even back into the past, writes one woman. ‘I have many times agreed to send absent healing to people, agreeing with them a time and place when they can relax and receive the healing. Being a very busy lady, I often remember to do this some time after the event. The feedback I have had has always been positive; a person may have felt the benefit of the healing or even been aware of something happening to them during their relaxation. Is this wishful thinking or is something truly happening? I know it works, and trust the process, whatever it is,’ she writes.

Another is less convinced, and can’t see the point in praying for people who have already left hospital. (But that would hold if you believe in time as a forward-only process – Ed) He describes himself as a Thomas-type who needs to see the scars.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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