In a consolidated report of patients who had their amalgam fillings replaced in six separate studies, all the nearly 1600 participants reported cure or improvement of 31 types of conditions.

The studies from four countries showed that an aggregate of 89 per cent of those who said they suffered from allergies reported an improvement.

Of gastrointestinal symptoms, patients reported improvement or cure in bloating (88 per cent), general GI problems (83 per cent) and urinary tract problems (76 per cent). Of those with headaches,87 per cent cured or improved their migraines.

Significantly three quarters of those with multiple sclerosis said they were better or cured.

If this data were extrapolated to all people in the US with silver fillings,17.4 million would have their allergies improve or disappear simply by having their mercury dental fillings exchanged for non mercury ones, according to Bio-Probe ( March 1993), a monthly newsletter dedicated to dangers of mercury fillings.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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