Most women who have the lining of their womb removed by having endometrial resection (ER) will end up having a full hysterectomy, anyway. About 87 per cent complain afterwards of continual vaginal bleeding, and in some cases quite heavy loss of blood

This depressing picture has been painted by researchers from Bristol after they followed up on 155 women who had had either ER or a hysterectomy.

They also found that the ER group was also more likely to suffer pain after surgery, and in 11 per cent of cases, worse pain than before the operation. Eight per cent in the hysterectomy group reported pain after surgery.

Premenstrual symptoms were worse in 18 per cent of the ER group after surgery, compared with just 4 per cent in the hysterectomy group with a similar complaint. The need to take time offf work was also worse in the ER group, with 23 per cent needing to, against just 4 per cent among the hysterectomy group.

The cost of a hysterectomy, at £1,123, was considerably higher than that of an ER (£513), but the outcome was markedly worse.


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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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