The first British injuries case alleging that a brain tumour was caused by mobile phone use is going ahead on the back of a new large scale study that has linked the phones to health worries (see Second Opinion, p12).

A 27 year old businesswoman is suing a mobile phone manufacturer, alleging that her brain tumour was caused by radiation from her mobile phone.

The case was announced just days after the release of preliminary results from the largest ever study of 11,000 analogue and digital mobile phone users. Swedish scientist Dr Hansson Mild and his team at the National Institute of Working Life in Umea found, among other effects, a three to six fold increase in headaches and fatigue, and a 12 to 48 fold increase in sensations of heating in those using either type of mobile for over an hour compared to those who used their phones for less than two minutes.

For more information send a SAE to Electromagnetic Hazards & Therapy, PO Box 25, Liphook, Hants GU30 7SE.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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