More evidence that exercise may help prevent the onset of non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.

A study group from Harvard Medical School questioned over 87,000 American women every two years for eight years about their exercise habits and the onset of NIDDM.

The study found that those that exercised vigorously at least once a week significantly reduced their risk of NIDDM.

Speaking of diabetes, another study (The New England Journal of Medicine, 26 September 1991) found that uncontrolled diabetes with large amounts of “ketone bodies” in the blood (the products of the breakdown of fats in the body) during pregnancy can affect the intellectual development in offspring. The Lancet, 28 September 1991.

Medical Journal, 28 September 1991)) found that antihypertensive drugs could predispose users to later developing diabetes.

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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