Reiki Treatment

Remove the cause and you will remove the effect – Hawayo Takata

A Reiki treatment is pleasant, soothing, relaxing, and centering. It can also be gently energizing, depending on the recipient’s current state. Reiki is always balancing, and follows the need of the receiver, not the intention of the practitioner. Besides immediate stress-reduction and symptomatic relief, there are other subtle and profound effects that unfold over time and accumulate with continued treatment. Reiki works from the most subtle level of our existence, where imbalance begins. As we regain balance, called homeostasis in medicine, superficial symptoms often disappear, and the body’s innate healing potential is enhanced. Whereas specific results are never promised, and vary widely from person to person, Reiki can be a valuable addition to any treatment plan or well-being program. Because Reiki is balancing and extremely gentle, it is appropriate in any situation. It will not interfere with any medical interventions being used, and will provide comfort and relief from their side effects.

It is often suggested that those who seek Reiki during chronic or serious illness have at least four treatments, on consecutive days if possible, before evaluating the benefit Reiki may bring. The effect of Reiki treatment is cumulative, and although treatment is generally relaxing, there are often distinct differences in the experience of different treatments and an overall deepening of the experience over repeated sessions.

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