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Reiki begins as a healing practice and becomes a way of life.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Reiki, a simple, accessible healing practice that can relieve your pain and suffering; help you live with greater clarity, joy, and satisfaction; enhance your spiritual engagement; and empower you on a very practical level to take good care of yourself and those you love.

When I began practicing Reiki in 1986, I had already been a student of meditation and yoga for 25 years. This immersion in Asian philosophy and culture profoundly informed my understanding of Reiki. It also helped me recognize that even though people usually begin experiencing benefits from Reiki very quickly, the greatest benefit comes with consistent daily practice.

I have been actively teaching Reiki since becoming a Reiki master in 1990. The practice that I represent is both simple and deep. You may find my perspective different from what you have encountered elsewhere. Reiki practice and education is unlicensed and completely unregulated, and the perspectives of Reiki practitioners vary enormously.

I welcome you warmly, and encourage you to read carefully, contemplate, take what is of value to you, and leave the rest.

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With warm regards,

Pamela Miles

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