The lemon tree originated in Asia, but is now widely cultivated in Italy, Australia and California. The fragrance is popular in colognes and household cleaning products. The flowers have a pleasant aroma, but only the peel oil is produced commercially.

Family: Rutaceae

Extraction: Cold-pressed from fresh peel. The odor is distinctively sharp and citrus.

Medicinal Action: An antioxidant, preservative and antiseptic, lemon oil helps counter viral and bacterial infections. It treats hypertension with high blood pressure, congested lymph glands and liver, excessive stomach activity, and the immune system. It improves metabolism by reducing water retention, slowing weight gain and increasing mineral absorption.

Cosmetic/Skin Use: Lemon is best used on oily complexions and for skin impurities. It treats bruises and skin infection.

Emotional Attribute: The scent dissipates feelings of impurity or indecisiveness, and can stimulate emotional purging. It also increases one’s sense of humor and general well-being. Like other citruses, it is antidepressive.

Considerations: Lemon can be photosensitizing and irritating to sensitive skin.

Associated Oil:

Cedro Oil –A terpeneless, more water-soluble lemon oil.

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Written by Kathi Keville

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