How Yoga Helps You Relax During Pregnancy

Are you having trouble during your months of pregnancy? Looking for some brilliant prenatal yoga postures? Here, you will find remarkable, helpful and sufficient poses that should calm, relax and remove those awful feelings of pregnancy discomfort!

Abdominal prenatal yoga poses

Congratulations! Soon you’ll be a mommy. How are you feeling? We bet you can shake off that awful, tiresome feeling, right? Well, don’t worry, you’re actually doing great. This is one of the most exciting times in the life of a young woman and something that you should be proud of.

However, to help you out during these changes, prenatal yoga has emerged as an efficient and reliable solution. Basically, it concentrates on pregnant woman poses that are meant to boost both flexibility and strength. Most importantly, it improves one’s breathing and creates sufficient relaxation time.

With that in mind, this brief but detailed guide will look at these prenatal yoga poses and also mention their general advantages. Once you’re through reading, you will notice that these tips are just as crucial as choosing the best baby products for your unborn child. Take a look!

7 Brilliant Prenatal Yoga Poses for You to Try Out!

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1.     Putting Your Legs Up Against the Wall

This is one of the simplest and effective prenatal yoga poses that calm the body’s nervous system. As a result, it relieves stress and drowsiness as well as dehydration. However, if you’re in your 3rd or 2nd trimester, don’t lie on your back. If for some reason, you’re not okay using a wall, the chair is another remarkable option.

2.     The Wide-Legged Child’s Pose Variation

Simple Child’s Pose

The next prenatal yoga posture on our list is this child’s pose. It’s a highly grounding position that connects you to your every breath. It opens up your chest and hips and lengthens your spine for a seamless labor process. Experts add that practicing this prenatal yoga at home exercise will assist you in accommodating your constantly growing tummy.

3.     The Seated ‘Piriformis’ Stretch

Seated Piriformis Stretch

Here’s another remarkable prenatal yoga posture that reduces the discomforts of pregnancy. Research shows that a majority of pregnant mothers go through sciatic pains caused by a change in the lumbar spine. With this in mind, this prenatal yoga position ensures that the glut or buttock muscles stay loose throughout the pregnancy process.

4.     The ‘Malasana’ or Yogi Squat

A group of women in a yoga class


This is another of the best prenatal yoga postures which every pregnant mother needs to try out. What makes it unique from the rest is that it’s the normally used birthing posture. It, will, therefore, prepare your hips for the crucial task ahead.

5.     The Cat or Cow Pose

Cat and Cow poses

This is one of those prenatal yoga poses which do a fantastic job in toning your arms and abdominals not to mention keeping your spine properly straight. The exercise also keeps the baby in the right labor position. All in all, it keeps pregnant mothers completely relaxed by stretching both their back and chest.

6.     The Standing Forward Gentle Fold

Standing Forward Gentle Fold

Are you experiencing back pains during your pregnancy? Don’t panic as this is a common discomfort felt by many expectant mothers. Luckily, this prenatal yoga posture is here to help you decompress your spine for better relief.

Now, to avoid compressing your tummy, carry out your stretches gently. What’s more, remember that gravity is on your side, so just breathe and you’ll have achieved maximum relaxation.

7.     The ‘Sukhasana’ or Easy Pose


This prenatal yoga posture comes with a lot of benefits. Pregnancy is known to change the state of your mind and body making it hard for you to carry out your day to day activities. Fortunately, by doing the easy pose, you can meditate and connect better with your body. It’s one of the easiest transformative experiences.

The Key Advantages of Prenatal Yoga

Like we’ve previously mentioned, many amazing perks come with prenatal yoga poses. The postures involved improve your pregnancy wellness in various ways. Key among them include:

  • Promoting sufficient sleep
  • Reducing back pains
  • Minimizing stress
  • Decreasing headaches and feelings of nausea
  • Minimizing the preterm labor risks.

Now other than the benefits mentioned above, research further shows that prenatal yoga poses also help in alleviating problems of hypertension. In fact, they improve the general development of the fetus!


With these prenatal yoga online tips, you can finally say goodbye to that awful feeling of discomfort during pregnancy. If possible, do these 7 poses daily for effective and satisfactory results. They will ensure you remain calm and happy throughout the nine months. Most importantly, you’ll get a healthy and perfectly developed baby.

So, which posture do you think you’ll try first?

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Written by Elizabeth Barletta

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