The link with your environment Kidney stones are thought to be caused by family heredity or too much calcium. But climate, many unlikely foods, certain supplements and even too little calcium can ...


A 58-year-old active woman has learned that the bone density in her back has slipped to just 87% of normal levels. She takes a wide range of vitamins plus calcium and magnesium and has just started on silica. She would like to avoid taking Fosamax...

Poison Ivy

Camping, nature hikes, working in the yard, chances are you or someone in your family has had an unpleasant meetin

A Healthy Summer: For Overweight Kids

Would you be shocked to learn of a roughly 300% increase in overweight children and adolescents over the last 40 years? In "A Healthy Summer: for overweight kids" Barry Bittman, M.D. presents two scenarios. One is a child's typical poor diet, no...

Woman by a creek - Living life

Time Out: For Living Life Fully

Are you spending every precious moment working and sacrificing for your perfect future? Perhaps it's time you learned that rushing toward the end is the surest way to destroy the journey. In "Time Out: for living life fully" Barry Bittman, M.D...

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