Next, we have the reader who is suffering from insomnia and is currently taking the sleeping drug, Zimovane. What alternatives are there to help him get to sleep more naturally? De-stressing seems to be the key to a successful night of slumber. There was no end to readers’ suggestions on how to melt your anxieties and worries away. These include drinking a cup of green tea (contains the relaxant, L-theanine); moderate use of kava kava; listening to the radio; ‘journal-ing ‘, writing down your anxieties and worries; talking to someone; or simply a good old comforting cup of warm milk. One fellow insomniac says she tries to eat later in the evening, as it has been suggested to her that sudden drops in her blood sugar levels may be cause behind her waking up hungry in the middle of the night.

However, having too heavy a meal, especially one laden with additives, can have the opposite effect and disturb one’s sleep. Make sure you get the right balance of light and darkness (try dimming the lights in your home as evening comes) so that your body is running on its natural awake/sleep cycle. Natural remedies to help insomnia include Sleep Easy; herbal preparations that include valerian, passiflora or hops; or Ashwaganda powder (two teaspoons before bed). Therapy-wise, acupuncture and Reiki have shown to be beneficial to some readers.

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