Self-Applied Health Enhancement Methods and the Future

Many methods to reduce medical costs have failed. It is amazing that the last remaining strategy is to allow people to heal themselves. Most medical experts remain hesitant to give you permission to heal yourself. There is a large industry that depends on you doubting your ability to do so. And if you are “really sick” you have even more doubt and need even more expensive expert help. The only path to less medical expenses is for people to be more well.

Doctors cannot make us well. They really don’t even know to make us well. The realm of the physicians teach us how to stay well. No one can make you more well, it will be up to you. The self-applied health enhancement methods (SAHEM) are in addition to right diet, sufficient rest, liberal intake of fluids, being on purpose, telling the truth and having fun, the most powerful tools that we have for cutting costs by maintaining health. These tools are time tested, they are inexpensive, they are always with us, require no prescription an are absolutely free. This is an example of the profound within the simple. Spread the word.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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