Genetic Code Intervention:Can science change our destiny?

Why can some individuals look in the mirror each day and smile while others may live in a cerebral fog of disappointment? According to science and mother nature, it’s all in our genes. You either thank your parents for your appearance or you constantly wear baggy sweats and hope everyone imagines you have a bodybuilders physique underneath all those clothes.

Since our genetic coding is predetermined –passed on from our parents parents parents, etc.– there’s not much we can do to alter this pre-designed plan which chaperones us from birth to our passing. A biological blueprint consisting of billions of numerical combinations comprise our anatomical makeup and cannot be altered or changed; or so they once believed and brainwashed us into thinking.

A biological blueprint consisting of billions of numerical combinations
comprise our anatomical makeup and cannot be altered or changed;
or so they once believed and brainwashed us into thinking.

Since a large percentage of our medical community expends the majority of their time, energy and funding developing therapies and drugs which are used in the treatment of disease that are onset with aging, emphasis on the prevention side has been attended with far less priority. But there is a flip-side force to this approach (fortunately) which offers a giant breath of fresh air for all of us who wish to live a healthier and longer life by avoiding age-related maladies.

For decades now a variety of genetic engineers, biologists, doctors, scientists and nutritionists from all corners of the globe have been experimenting with a myriad of mechanisms which enhance health and extend life span. These longevity scientists are weaving the fabric of a medical society which is being referred to as anti-aging medicine and life-extension. As I’ve been investigating the many reported claims, I’ve found the discoveries and testimonies to be nothing less than astonishing!

I’ve found the discoveries and testimonies to be nothing less than astonishing!

The clinicians within the life-extension field recognize aging itself as a disease; and a treatable one I might add. Dr. Gregory Fahy, genetic engineer, who holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology, believes that with the latest technologies in scientific intervention human destiny has become a controllable entity. Fahy states, “The genetic composition of our bodies follows a very specific pattern which is set on a self-destructing course. But today, we now have more information than ever to intervene in the aging process to alter our genetic blueprint. Our treatments begin with a hormonal/nutrient BioMarker analysis to provide health-status data. Once deficiencies [or imbalances] are diagnosed, we can intervene and reset hormonal and nutrient levels back to normal. This promotes health and extends life by strengthening the immune system which slows aging”.

“…we can intervene and reset hormonal and nutrient levels back to normal”.

At the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) located in Chicago, IL, president Dr. Ronald Klatz, life-extension specialist, has undergone extensive hormone replacement studies for over a decade to intervene in the normal declination of human aging. The result of Klatz’s research indicate increases in energy, strength, sexual function, bone density and intellectual skills without any side effects.

According to Dr. Vincent Giampapa, director of the Plastic Surgery Center and the National Skin Institute in Montclair, New Jersey, “The most prevalent steroid hormone circulating in our body is DHEA [dehydroepiandrosterone]. Scientific evidence indicates that DHEA has a regulating effect on other endocrine hormones including growth hormone, testosterone, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, thymus, and pancreas. Our BioMarker analysis of DHEA can guide us toward an accurate replenishment therapy which may influence the natural productions of all other hormones and help to reset blood hormonal levels back to normal”.

“Knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat is an intricate science…”

Not all genetic code intervention involves the use of drugs and hormones. “Natural substances, obtained from foods, are the key ingredients to health and a great looking physique”. This is a statement made by world renown sports nutritionist John Parrillo of Parrillo Performance, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Parrillo preaches, with strong conviction, the basis for all health and performance should begin with food first, then supplement with a variety of nutrients. “Knowing what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat is an intricate science which I’ve spent many years researching. Even though I find hormone replacement therapy fascinating, I encourage everyone to educate and discipline themselves to scientific nutrition.”

Alex Duarte, Ph. D., clinical and sports nutritionist from Grass Valley, California, has spent a great deal of his life researching the nutritional and medicinal properties obtained from natural sources [i.e., plants and animals].

According to Dr. Duarte, the earth itself, not [only] the laboratory, possesses a myriad of substances which prevent and heal illnesses and contribute to vibrant health, supreme athletic performances and extend life span. Duarte states, “Optimum nutrition, scientifically applied, will help you achieve optimal performance and success in all areas of your life. Such nutrition can be obtained from herbal sources which stimulate endogenous productions of hormones and strengthen the immune system. Substances like ginseng, velvet deer antler, shark cartilage, and a plethora of others are used to produce the effects once sought after by synthetic drugs, all without side effects”. Dr. Duarte is a living testimony of natural cures. From infancy he was inflicted with a congenital heart problem and suppressed immune system. Dr. Duarte’s work in microbiology revealed a variety of non toxic alternatives to the synthetic treatments he was overwhelmingly prescribed as a youngster. Today Dr. Duarte is healthy, strong and living a successful vibrant life.

The knowledge and experience gained by dedicated anti-aging specialists offers a remarkable pool of information for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether it’s natures herbs, plants, animal products, or synthetic vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, the field of life extension addresses the chemistry of the entire human biological system which positively influences all areas of health and performance.

The science of anti-aging medicine and life-extension is truly destined to become one the most widely practiced fields in biological science. And with the efforts of organizations like The Life Extension Foundation, health enhancing and life extending information will not be suppressed from our lay population by drug promoting bureaucrats revealing the [real] truth about anti-aging medicine and making available the substances and treatments we truly deserve.

Since more and more research is being conducted today than ever before, questions are now being answered eliminating the theories and suspicions of decades past. “We are onto something here, but don’t think for a minute it’s all new. Many of the treatments, drugs, nutritional supplements and therapies we [the life extension specialist] support have been used around the world safely and effectively for decades”, states Klatz, “Anti-aging medicine is in its infancy and just now surfacing in America.”

So whether you’re part of that small percentage of the population that is already genetically gifted but has the desire to take some extra measures to ensure better health and longevity, or, on the other hand, disappointed with the genes past onto you and hate holding a grudge, the new hopes for genetic altering within the anti-aging life extension fields offers some practical alternatives. And as these sciences continue to intervene into human biology, our lives may become healthier and lengthened without the side effects associates with dangerous fly-by-night chemicals.

On that note of hope however, I strongly encourage that you just don’t jump at a chance to become genetically altered yourself. Spend the time educating yourself by consulting a qualified life-extension professional. Proper blood chemistry analysis with hormonal assays provide the BioMarker information necessary to design a specific course of therapy. After reviewing these tests results, your life-extension specialist will design an accurate administration protocol; this is the only way you can achieve long-lasting results.

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Written by John Abdo

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