Rapid Abdominal Breathing

The central activity of this breath technique, called bastrika in India, is the rapid expansion and contraction of the abdomen. The Breath enters and exits rapidly through the nose. On inhalation the diaphragm drops down and the abdomen expands. On the exhalation the abdomen rapidly contracts, as if to slap against the spine. The diaphragm rapidly rises and forcefully expels the breath through the nose. The inhalation/exhalation cycle is done 25 to 100 times and is followed by a large inhalation with a brief or the goal of the practice.

This method has a major effect on the function of the organs in the abdominal and pelvic cavities. There is a massive concentration of lymphatic tissue in these areas and because of the one way nature of the lymphatic vessels this vigorous activity moves large amounts of lymph forward toward the elimination organs.

Application Suggestions:

  • Health maintenance: 6 to 10 repetitions, 2 to 3 sessions per day.

  • Health enhancement: 6 to 10 repetitions, 4 to 6 sessions per day.

  • Disease intervention: Start slowly and build up to 15 to 20 sessions per day.

  • Getting started: 2 to 3 repetitions, once or twice per day. You will immediately be conscious of a significant effect from this method.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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