The Self Reliance and Empowerment Path

Qigong practice activates a number of the body’s self
regulating systems which are responsible for the balanced
function of the tissues, organs and glands. The uptake of
oxygen, as well as, oxygen metabolism is tremendously
enhanced by Qigong practice. The positive impact of oxygen
metabolism alone has powerful implications for both physical
and brain activity. In the area of sports, peak levels of
performance can be cultivated through Qigong in addition to
normal training.

In the work of individuals who have physically
demanding jobs the refinement of function that comes with
Qigong practice adds to strength, stamina and endurance.
Executives, whose work is more mental, derive not only more
endurance, but concentration, creativity and intuition, as
well. The tremendous health risk factors of tension and
stress are profoundly neutralized by the common effects of
Qigong: enhanced oxygen metabolism, balancing of the
autonomic nervous system, pumping of the lymph, enhancement
of the bio-electrical field, etc.

Qigong is the medicine for the healer. When the
directive is “physician heal thyself”. The prescription, in
China, is Qigong. Qigong is referred to as acupuncture
without needles. Elmer Green, Ph.D., author of “Beyond
Biofeedback” and one of the great researcher/thinkers of the
western world has said “We have concluded from our work with
hundreds of patients that anything you can accomplish with
an acupuncture needle you can do with your mind”.(27) The Qi
Gong tradition in China is the discipline through which
“heal thy self” (healthy self) is accomplished. Breath,
motion, intention and visualization when activated together
through the Qigong system are the great preventive medicine
that lies within.

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Written by Roger Jahnke OMD

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