Your Pet’s Emotional Health

Whether you live with animals as a companion or work among them, the
human-animal bond can be a vital part of life. Animals have feelings
and can experience stress. They react to changes in their environment,
and your mood can have an affect on them. Animals can experience
over-sensitivity, fear, despondency, loneliness and depression, among
other emotions. When tender loving care isn’t enough, and medical
problems have been ruled out as the cause of these emotional states,
Flower Remedies can assist an animal suffering from the
ill-effects of stress.

Flower Remedies can help restore your animal friends to
a state of calm and emotional balance in difficult times. Moving,
periods of transition and change, even traveling anxieties have
been eased with the use of the Flower Remedies.

Letters and case studies report wonderful results when using Flower Remedies with animals including: dogs, cats, horses, birds, tropical fish, and snakes, among other animals.

Flower Remedies provide animals with a gentle, safe system
of emotional stress relief. Adding these remedies to your total animal care
program will help to assure your animal’s health and well-being!


The following is a listing of Flower Remedies and examples
of some common indications for their use with dogs.


For the dog that follows you around, is constantly underfoot, and
becomes extremely upset when left alone. For the affectionate, clinging,
or territorial dog who is always opting for your attention and more
often than not winds up in your lap.


For the dog with fear of known things. This includes but is not
limited to: loud noises, thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners, trips to
the vet, and visits by small children. When these fears turn to terror,
Rock Rose or the stress-relieving formula can be used.


For the nervous, fearful dog, especially in new circumstances. This
dog may often cower with its tail between its legs. Good used in
combination with the flower remedy Mimulus.


For the dog whose primary person has been removed, and acts
withdrawn, subdued, or unenthusiastic towards people. Can be used
in conjunction with Star of Bethlehem, especially if primary
person has died. Can also be used for homesickness while at a kennel or if left home
alone for a prolonged period of time.

Star of Bethlehem

For the physically or emotionally traumatized dog, whether from past
or current trauma. Nearly always indicated for dogs that have been
in a pound, abused, or found on the street.

Water Violet

Useful for the dog that is aloof, self-reliant, and a loner. For
dogs that were socialized comparatively late in life, and who seem
very stand-offish.


Can be useful in car sickness, used along with the stress-relieving formula.


For the angry dog who threatens to attack, or attacks without provocation. In addition, Holly can be useful combined with Star of Bethlehem where there is aggressive behavior due to trauma or abuse in the past and/or present. The Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem should always be given in conjunction with Holly. Remember any personality changes should be checked by a veterinarian.

Chestnut Bud

This remedy is helpful in training situations. For the dog that has
difficulty learning from prior experience, who tends to repeat the
same mistakes over and over. It can be useful when teaching a puppy
to make a distinction between right and wrong behavior, such as the
difference between papers for paper training and today’s paper on
the sofa, or a rawhide bone and your shoes. Can be helpful used as an adjunct along
with effective behavior modification training methods.


For highly strung dogs with a great deal of nervous energy. For those
who are hard to keep from jumping or barking. While enthusiasm goes
with the species, this remedy can help in modifying overly enthusiastic


For the dog who is totally exhausted, ill and/or traumatized. This remedy may help to bring comfort to the sick dog; use in conjunction with Star of Bethlehem.


The following is a listing of Flower Remedies and an example
of some common indications for their use with cats.


For the extremely affectionate territorial, clinging, cat that tends to be possessive and
jealous, always staying near you wanting to be held, petted and fussed


For the cat that has no tolerance for another animal or certain


The Flower Remedy for known fears, including but not limited to: thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners, trips to the vet, and visits by small children. When fear turns to terror use in combination with the flower remedy Rock Rose, or use the stress-relieving formula. Good used in combination with the Flower Remedy Aspen.


For the fraidy cat that is always slinking from safe place
to safe place, never being quite at ease. Startles easily at any
sound, even non-threatening sounds it has heard before. In instances where this problem is due to past or present abuse or trauma, Aspen can be combined with Star of Bethlehem.

Water Violet

This flower remedy can be given to most cats. It can help in modifying a cats instinct for aloofness and solitude, thus opening his/her capacity for interaction with people or other animals.


Helpful in easing stress and
assisting emotional adjustment during periods of transition and
change. This includes but is not limited to: the
arrival of new human or animal babies, new pets in the house, moving,
weaning, heat cycles, or the arrival of house guests.


This Flower Remedy is for the low cat in the pecking order, perhaps the runt. For the cat with little or
no self-confidence. Self-esteem is an important part of feline well-being
and is usually radiated by an emotionally balanced cat.

Star of Bethlehem

Can help ease stress associated with, past and present trauma, both physical and psychological. When recuperating from surgery, queening, car trips, injury, weaning,
boarding and other traumas that affect your cat’s dignity, freedom,
health or security. For cats adopted from shelters, or found in the


For fatigue. Can be helpful in assisting runts, along with the Flower Remedy Olive to help comfort and build strength in sickly animals.


For the cat who has lost a person or other animal they’ve been close to. The Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem can also be used in combination with this remedy as an adjunct.


For the territorial Boss Cat, who tends to dominate and bully the other animals.

Stress-Relieving Formula: This combination flower remedy
formula can be used to ease stress, providing a natural calming effect
following accidents, illness or any injury your cat may experience. Always
seek the services of a veterinarian in all serious cases ! It can also be used to calm, and ease stress, in cases
of pregnancy and queening, at cat shows, on car trips, while boarding,
during long absence, before or after surgery, or whenever a cat seems
to be experiencing difficulty and stress.


Some behavior problems are a sign of physical illness. It is essential
that any animal, particularly one that shows a sudden change in behavior,
be given a complete examination by a veterinarian. Only after pathology
has been ruled out should one proceed on the behavioral path.

The use of flower preparations are not intended to remove, eliminate,
or negate veterinary care , but, rather, to be included in a total
holistic approach to health and well-being. The Flower Remedies are
not intended for treatment of illness. Conditions requiring medical
attention should be referred to a veterinarian or other professional
animal care provider.

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Written by Leslie J. Kaslof

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