What Are Flower Remedies?

In the early 1930’s a British physician discovered
that many of his patients’ emotional and psychological difficulties
predisposed them to the onset of physical disease. Additionally,
these difficulties — such as anxiety, fear, resentment, jealousy,
even lack of self-confidence — complicated physical disorders once
manifested, making them more difficult to treat. In his search for
a safe and effective treatment the doctor eventually succeeded in
discovering 38 flowering plants, trees, and special waters, preparations
which assisted in resolving a wide range of emotional and psychological
difficulties. Used successfully for over 60 years by physicians and
other health care professionals worldwide, preparations of these substances
are among those on the leading edge of a new direction in medicine. This
direction is away from strong pharmaceutical drugs, toward more natural,
non-habit forming preparations which gently assist the body in mobilizing
its own internal healing capabilities.

“We have so long blamed the germ, the weather, the food we eat as
the causes of disease, but many of us are immune in an
influenza epidemic, many love the exhilaration of a cold wind and
many can eat cheese and drink black coffee late at night with no ill
effects…. It is only when we allow doubt and depression, indecision
or fear to creep in that we become sensitive to outside influences.”

Edward Bach

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Written by Leslie J. Kaslof

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