Tooth abscess

A few ideas for the man who had an abscess in his right lower gum, caused by a baby tooth that’s still there. He was told he might need to have the tooth removed, and a bridge or implant put in. Not necessarily so, says one reader. Is a replacement really necessary, he wonders? If a bridge is needed, always go for a non-metallic variety, although this will mean that the two teeth on either side will have to be destroyed in order to create a row of three false teeth. Alternatively go for a Maryland bridge, says our reader, which sticks to the two teeth either side, but it can be less strong. Try to avoid implants, especially titanium ones, as they’ve been linked to auto-immune problems. Visit a homeopath, or have magnetic treatment, for the abscess. A self-help homeopathic remedy to try is 12c of Mercury/Silica/Hepar Sulph taken twice a day. Another option is kinesiology, which may treat the abscess with lasers.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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