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Integrative Health Care

Few would argue that a patient is best served by a comprehensive health care program that integrates both conventional and traditional approaches to health/healing, as needed and desired by the patient. The World Health Organization recognizes that...

Cold salt water can be used for prostate irrigation

Enlarged prostate

Although the conventional approach to an enlarged prostate (also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH) is drugs or sometimes even surgery, there are many alternative treatments backed up by sound scientific evidence.

Woman by a creek - Living life

Time Out: For Living Life Fully

Are you spending every precious moment working and sacrificing for your perfect future? Perhaps it's time you learned that rushing toward the end is the surest way to destroy the journey. In "Time Out: for living life fully" Barry Bittman, M.D...

Strong women doing pushups

Stress and Immunity

Scientists have known for years that major and minor life stresses interfere with immune function and contribute to disease. Stressful life events increase your susceptibility to several types of infections, from the common cold to tuberculosis, and...

Girls taking mean about another person - Sharp Words Hurt Like Swords

WORDSWORDSWORDS: Sharp and to the Point

While you have heard that "looks can kill", have you considered that verbal attacks have the potential to inflict wounds that often result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. In "WORDSWORDSWORDS: sharp and to the point" Barry Bittman, M.D. teaches...

Man who exercises sleeping well

Exercise Improves Sleep

Findings from a Stanford University Medical School study may come as no surprise: older and middle-age people reported sleeping better when they added regular exercise to their routine, reports Dr. David Sobel in "Exercise Improves Sleep." After 16...

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