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Woman in India, expanding her spiritual practice

Creating a Spiritual Repertoire

If you take your spiritual life seriously, you will, from time to time, get the feeling that you need to do something new or different to further your growth. The primal yearning for intimate connection with the divine is so powerful that, once it’s...

A woman praying in earnest

How To Be A Heretic

I recently learned that the word heretic derives from the Greek word hairetikos, which means “able to choose.” Well, if that’s the definition, I’m proud to be called a heretic, and I suspect I’m in very good company. Of course, “heretic” is still...

A woman holding her hand to her head in pain

Dealing Spiritually With Pain

I was on a radio talk show to speak about the role of spirituality in dealing with chronic pain. In preparing for the interview, I spoke to some medical experts and to colleagues who are familiar with the research on spirituality and health outcomes...

Woman Praying and Finding Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual Companionship

One of the great paradoxes of the spiritual path is that we are on our own and we can’t do it alone. By on our own I mean this: no matter how devoted we might be to a particular faith or teaching, we and we alone determine what to believe and...

Sandcastle, which is an example of things impermanent

Dealing With Impermanence

George Carlin once quipped that “God can’t be perfect; everything he makes dies.” There, in one irreverent nutshell, is a fundamental truth about life on earth: Everything changes, everything withers, everything eventually disappears. That applies...

Man praying - spirit of wellness

The Spirit of Wellness

The research on spirituality and health is still in its infancy, but dozens of experiments have linked religious participation with various measures of well-being. Researchers at the Duke University Medical Center, for instance, studied 4,000 men...

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