Intuition In Children

I’m a psychiatrist who specializes in intuition in Los Angeles. What I do
isn’t my job. It”s my life’s passion. With patients and in workshops, I
listen with my intellect and my intuition, a potent inner wisdom that goes
beyond the literal. I experience it as a flash of insight, a gut feeling, a
hunch, a dream. By blending intuition with orthodox medical knowledge I can
offer parents, children and all my patients the best of both worlds.

Now, listening to intuition is sacred to me, but learning to trust it has
taken years. I’ve written my book “Second Sight” to assure anyone–especially children–who thought they were weird or crazy for having intuitive experiences, that they are not!

As a child my intuition wasn”t encouraged. I grew up in Beverly Hills the
only daughter of two-physicians with twenty-five physicians in my family.
From age nine, I had dreams and intuitions that would come true. I could
predicts illness, earthquakes, even the suicide of one of my parentís
friends. This confused and alarmed me, as it did my parents who were
entrenched in the hard-core rational world of science. At first they tried
to write my childhood intuitions off as coincidence. Finally, though, after
I dreamed my motherís mentor would loose a political election–which to my
horror, came true–she took me aside and told me, “Never mention another
dream or intuition in our house again!” I”ll never forget the look in my
dear mother”s exasperated, frightened eyes, nothing I ever wanted to see
again. So from that day on, I kept my intuitions to myself. I grew up
ashamed of my abilities, sure there was something wrong with me. My healing
path has been to integrate intuition into my medical practice and life,
something I teach parents and children.

As a psychiatrist I want to encourage you as parents to trust your
intuition, and help your children to do the same. Intuition is a gut
feeling, a sense something is right or feels “off” that goes beyond what
you know with your linear mind. When this is supported in children they
learn to trust their gut and develop a strong sense of confidence in
themselves. For instance, when your child says, “I”m not comfortable with
someone” ask them about it instead of saying, “How can you say that. You
don”t even know the person.” This gives you a chance to honor and explore
your child”s feelings and empower them by listening to their intuition.

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Written by Dr. Judith Orloff MD

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