Risk Factors Contributing to Overuse Injuries In Sports

Intrinsic (Anatomical)

* Musculoskeletal malalignment

* Musculoskeletal inability

* Inflexibility of muscle

* Muscle weakness

Extrinsic (Training Errors & Equipment Problems)

* Improper training technique or biomechanics

* Changes in training technique

* Changes in training environment or terrain

* Inappropriate equipment or poorly fitted equipment

* Increase in training frequency, intensity or duration.

(Note: Osteopathic manipulation is a valuable tool for
the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.Ensuring
that the body’s musculoskeletal system is in proper
balance and alignment can prevent injuries. Once an injury
has taken place, it is wise to be evaluated and treated
osteopathically to quicken healing time, prevent chronic
injuries and help the young athletes reach their fullest
potential and enjoy all of their sports endeavors.)

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Avatar Written by Brett P. Thomas DO

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