The Song of Freedom

If we are seeking the real, the real is also seeking us. If we want to know the truth, the truth wants to know us. If we want to experience love, love is rushing towards us as light from a thousand inner suns.

Be like a child in front of this love, rushing towards us: don’t move. Stand still. Don’t try to find the real, or know the truth, or experience love. All effort pushes it away. Be like a lost child and wait to be found. Stand still, be open, look – now – and see what you want already possessing you.

We don’t need to seek: we have already found. We don’t need to learn: we already know. We don’t have to become: we already are. See this and be free.

The world is alive and breathing inside your very body. All that you treasure is within you. Your inadequacy is but a habit, your bondage an illusion, your fears but shadows and gossip. Let go of all you hold on to. Only you can free yourself from your own deception. Forgive yourself, step into the light of love rushing towards you from a million inner suns.

No one has harmed you, no one has wronged you. Only your pride thinks this is so. Let it go.

Bitterness is your own dark night. Let it go. There is nothing worth protecting.

Let the breath of new life fill you and fill your mind, and fill your body. Your cells are now vibrating with new life. Your heart is opening, your being is growing larger and larger, colliding with the onrushing love. In this collision you can dissolve without fear.

What you want is at hand. You cannot know it. Stop trying. You cannot possess it. Stop trying. You cannot use it. Stop trying. Just give yourself to it without a thought. Go into the onrushing love fully. Resolve to end your suffering now.

You are that from which this earth has come. You are that from which the spinning worlds and vast heavens have come. You are that which came before and is now and will be. You can hold mountains in your hands, and hear the ants walk under leaves a continent away. You can heal disease, and sing the songs of stars and dolphins alike. You can reach without limit and you can awaken spirit everywhere it is sleeping. You are the infinite well of love.

Feel all of this. Open your heart to this. Join with that, for it is your real self. It is your true self. It is where love is.

Come out of hiding, come into the light, come into the world that is free of guilt, free of sin, free of fear. You can hold heaven and earth together. There is no separation, nothing to be separate from.

We know this, we have seen this. Let us live this, as it is, now and forever.

Begin to serve what you seek and what you seek will fill your cup to overflowing with love and holiness.

Do not believe you are helpless or unworthy. You can allow the divine power to claim you. Whose permission do you need? That is who you are. How long will you be imprisoned in the past? We cannot become whole: we were never broken. We cannot heal ourselves, we were never wounded. We cannot become pure, we are already pure. We do not need reasons dance freely in the light of the onrushing love.

Give up the addiction to what is not true. How did this come about? Why do you insist on a lie? Why? We are not the helpless victims of sorrow or confusion or anger or humiliation. Throw these tiny pebbles back into the ocean of your Self, and be free.

What is holding you back, but your own attitude? This attitude is false, let it go. Awake, now, from your dream of imperfection. Throw pain and guilt into the ocean of your Self. Be free. Who has told you to be quiet and meek and oppressed by stupid conventions and false attitudes? Shake the tree of your real life hard, shake it wildly and bring down the golden fruits of your own divinity. Eat these, and give these to everyone.

We have brought terror into the world, but the world is not terrible. We have created enemies, but we are not. We worship fear, when it is love we want. We become sick, but we are luminous beings. We pretend to be petty and insecure, when we are vast and abundant. Please, let us awake from are dream of imperfection.

We are already what we seek. We don’t need to learn to love, we are love. Share this, give this, be free now for love is eternal and you are that.

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Written by Robert Rabbin

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