Using Chinese Herbs for Colds

Traditional Chinese Medicine discerns two stages to the average cold.The early stage is mild and lasts from a few hours up to a day or two (invasion of wind and cold). These symptoms may arise following exposure to a cold draft or air conditioning or after overworking. If you are attentive, you may observe these symptoms and should treat them as soon as you notice them. You may be able to prevent them from progressing.

Early stage cold symptoms: Gan Mao Ling: 5 pills 4 x day for 1-2 days
-chilled feeling
-scratchy sore throat

-clear, runny nasal discharge
-swollen lymph nodes in neck
-achey muscles
-stiff neck
If this stage goes untreated, you may progress to the usual course of
more severe upper respiratory symptoms (invasion of wind and heat). It
requires that another kind of herbal formula be taken for a few days:

Later stage cold symptoms: Yin Chiao San: 4 pills 4 x day for 3-4 days
-very sore throat
-yellow nasal discharge and sputum
-swollen lymph nodes
-achey muscles

Be sure to supplement each stage with 2 Echinacea Vitamin C every 2
hours for up to 5 days. Using this protocol, most colds can prevented (if
caught early) or be resolved in a matter of days.

**Note: This approach is appropriate only for viral cold symptoms. You should
see your doctor for an evaluation if your symptoms do not resolve in 4 days.
More intensive therapy may be necessary.

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Written by Sally LaMont ND

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