Healthy Computing: Keep Them Short

Do you type with the tips of your fingernails? Do you find yourself
straining to use the sides of your fingers when buttoning your blouse or
when opening doors? If so, your fingernails may be too long. Excessively
long nails usually increase hand, arm, neck and shoulder tensions because
the person has to change her finger positions in order to protect the
nails. Consequently, the joints of the fingers and wrists cannot be
placed in neutral positions when typing, mousing, buttoning or doing other
fine motor activities. Stop sacrificing your health, save money and
become fashionable when you KEEP THEM SHORT.


Observe how you use your hands. Check if you are protecting your nails
while performing hand movements or if you hit the keys with the tips of
your fingernails.

If you are protecting your nails, trim them short enough so that you
can easily type with the finger pads without the nails hitting the keys.

Copyright 2002 Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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