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10 Tips for Spring Cleansing & Spiritual Renewal

  1. Feel the power of Nature all around you and within you. Know that this awesome force is available to you, and allow it to influence the course of your life and health. Identify the areas of your life that need some work and plan specific improvements that incorporate the changing seasons. Allow yourself to visualize your Perfect Life, and nourish that vision through your cleansing and renewal process.
  2. Spring is the time for renewing your life – letting go of what you don’t need (physical, mental, and emotional habits that undermine your health) and bringing in what you need anew (accepting positive health habits that will satisfy your soul). Take a break from the TV to be more creative, or read by candlelight without the electrical vibrations at night, or just sit quiet to meditate and listen.
  3. Get more outside exercise and spend more time in Nature. Take hikes, plant a garden, or work in a community garden. Create a balanced fitness program or modify the one you are already following that will support your healthy, body/mind happiness. Working up a sweat helps you dump toxins; this will improve your health and lead to fewer doctor’s visits. Also add some reflective practices such as stretching, yoga, or chi gong; these help support renewal by giving your body time to gently de-stress and deepen the changes you are making in your life.
  4. Consider a special and specific detoxification program. This could include substance avoidance (off sugar and caffeine, for example), the Detox Diet, or a Juice Cleanse (with the warming of the weather), such as the Master Cleanser (lemonade diet), all discussed in my books and in several Articles on my website. Herbal remedies for detoxification can also be helpful.
  5. Renew all aspects of your Life. Go through your piles of papers, your clothes, and the corners of rooms in areas that haven’t seen light for years. Don’t be afraid to let go and let things flow. Give things away, have a garage sale, and recycle or re-circulate what you can. “Being simple, simply being.” (Argisle-izm)
  6. Begin to gently, yet seriously, re-evaluate the key areas of your life – work (career), relationships, and health. Again, look at what undermines your potential in these worlds and allow clear guidance, suggestions, and actions to arise in your being. Try to be more aware of the subtle areas of life and the effects of foods. How does the food you eat make you feel. Increased vitality and improved health will change how you view your life and how much energy you have to create positive change for yourself.
  7. It is your healthy body that lets your Spirit fly more freely. Nutritional supplements (as the raw materials–vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids) nourish and support your body and mind, and this in turn enhances your higher dimensions. The cleansing process de-stresses your body and lets your energy rise and awaken your psyche. Freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas are vitalizing, high-vibration nourishment. Sprouts from seeds and grains are live, vital food. Aromatherapy and smelling the beautiful sweetness of the spring flowers will soother your soul as well.
  8. Be Earth-aware and Earth-friendly. Be conscious of where things come from and where they go – and the real cost of products you use – such as plastics and chemical products. Re-use and Re-cycle. Support more earth-conscious businesses and products. How do you vote with your dollar?
  9. Cleansing habits to incorporate include deep and relaxed breathing, yoga-type stretching, dry skin brushing, and wonderful walks in Nature. When was the last time you de-stressed, downloaded and digested your life experiences to catch up to the present? After my detox groups, people are usually more attuned and more aware of their habits, and have made long-term positive changes. It is crucial for most people in our busy society to take occasional food fasts (instead of fast foods), substance breaks, and even appliance (electromagnetic) and news/TV vacations.
  10. Do something that uplifts your Spirit, such as caring for a loved one or an elderly neighbor. Trust your heart and feed it joyful experiences. Put your Spirit on the line for what you believe. Doing for another is key to completing the circle of life, called Love. Building community is a positive change for Earth as well as for our Spirit.

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Written by Elson M. Haas MD

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