Get Swinging

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Do you look up at the clock only to find that an hour has passed since you
last moved from the computer? Do you feel a little stiff from a lack of
movement when standing up? Reduce stiffness and enhance blood flow when


Sit forward in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and slightly
further apart than your shoulder width (remove high heeled shoes). Bend
your knees at about a 100-degree angle. Let your arms hang down at your
sides and outside the armrests of the chair.

Now tilt to your body to your right side so that your arm hangs freely
without touching the armrest. Feel the gentle pull on the left side of
your neck as your head tilts to the right. While continuing to breathe,
lift your right arm about 45 degrees. Relax your arm and allow it swing
back and forth like a pendulum. Let it swing by itself for about 5
seconds until it comes to a stop. Then sit up and repeat this practice
with your left arm. As you tilt to the left side gently feel the pull on
the right side of your neck. Gently lift your left arm about 45 degrees
and let it drop and swing for 5 seconds, until it naturally stops.

Repeat this practice or other movement practices every 30 minutes.

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Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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