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Is your phone on the same side of your desk as it was 2 years ago? Do you
eat with just your dominant hand? When standing up, do you generally turn
in the same direction again and again? Do you conveniently use the same
hand to reach for reference material? Habits of movement may seem
convenient but, in the long run, may contribute to
imbalanced movements that may lead to stiffness and discomfort. Loosen up
those muscles and joints and increase your brain cells’ dendritic
connections by being OPPOSITIONAL.


Change how you move by consciously exploring different ways of performing
your daily activities. Observe if you:

  • Answer the phone with the same hand?
  • Stand up facing the same direction?
  • Get out of bed on the same side?
  • Reach for the printer with the same arm?
  • Eat with the same hand?
  • Sit in the same chair during group meetings?

Explore how you could do these activities differently:

  • Move the phone to a different location on your desk.
  • Talk on the phone while standing up or while doing simple movement
    exercises, such as squats or walking in place.

  • Alternate directions and consciously alternate which foot to lead with
    when standing up.

  • Get out of bed on the opposite side; if you sleep with a partner, trade
    places at night (good luck).

  • Use your non-dominant arm to retrieve papers from the printer.
  • When completing simple check-off forms, use your non-dominant hand.
  • Alternate hands when eating, cut with the opposite hand (ok, you can
    practice this one when in private!)

  • Sit on different sides/ends of the conference table, or in different
    chairs during meetings.
    –Explore how you can do things differently: pouring coffee, driving home,
    walking across campus.

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Written by Erik Peper PhD

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